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Tips to Sort and Organize Lego Kits

My oldest, Audrey, has recently become very interested in Lego and has been gifted a few kits over this last year. Just after a couple of days of building her newest horse stable kit, I began finding or should I say stepping on pieces and I would just put aside to deal with later. I finally decided that I needed to get a handle on the Lego situation while her collection was small.

Get your Lego kits organized and labeled with this simple organizing project! Never loose

a manual or piece again!

I started this process by separating by color into ziplock bags. You may think you want to stop here, and believe me it crossed my mind, but realistically no one wants to look through a thousand Lego pieces to find the one they need and especially not a four year old. This is why I decided each kit needed to be separated. I had a bag for each kit and put the manuals in each bag. Sort out every kit, one at a time, using the piece inventory in the back of each manual.

Missing a manual? You can find any PDF here.


Now that you have sort all your kiddo’s Legos back into their original kits, assess your collection and tally up how many different kits you have. Personally I found the original boxes that these kits come in are extremely frustrating. They tear and never close up well after being opened, so I went shopping. I wanted boxes that had the following criteria:

Clear or White

Snap-top lids


Came in a variety of sizes (to hold a variety of sized Lego kits)

Were a common and easy-to-find option


I eventually landed on Sterilite® Clip Storage Totes in various sizes, specifically, the long flat size, the mini size, and the large deep box.

Once you have all your kits re-assembled, load them into appropriate-sized boxes and include the manual.

Most kits come with extra pieces, I made a separate box for these and also made a box for non-kit pieces for easy free building.

With all of the kits sorted and loaded into new boxes, you can certainly stop there. I, of course, wanted to add some labels so Audrey could see/find what she had.

We are just at the beginning of our Lego adventure with Audrey, and I am sure our youngest will be joining in soon. Organizational needs will always evolve as our girls get older, but for now having each kit sorted and in boxes that are easily contained allows Audrey to enjoy her kits and keeps momma from stepping on pieces.

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