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Let’s talk…Linen Closets

From wash-clothes and bedding to extra toiletries, your linen closet can quickly become an avalanche when opening the door.

Open up your linen closet, is it being used the way you need it or has it become a storage space for the things that don’t have a home?

1. Pull everything out.

When I am reorganizing a space I always pull everything out and sort through it.

Towels and sheets that are stained, ripped or just dingy its time for them to be donated. Any expired or almost expired products, toss them.

If you store backup toiletries you want to group these items; FACE, HAIR, DENTAL, BATH & BODY. I personally have three deep lazy susans and they are for hair, bath & body and ther third is dental, face, and diaper cream.

PRO TIP: Keep a pen and paper nearby to write down things you need to replace this way it is fresh on your mind and you do not forget.

2. Now let’s talk about the linens and towels.

In theory, folded sheets, blankets and towels would look amazing on an open shelf. But let’s be real, it never looks as pretty as the hotel room you are trying to replicate. With the help of some baskets you can easily get that look and be able to maintain and save your sanity.


Once all is placed and contained the way that best serves you and your family, label it! This is a step that is skipped by so many and I can not stress enough that this is the most important step when it comes to keeping a spGetting organized and staying organized doesn't have to be a constant to do list, do it once and keep it maintained.

I hope some of these tip help you with your linen closet project.

Favorite Products For Linen Closets:

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