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Tips & Tricks for Organizing Board Games

Make family time easier with these tips and tricks for organizing board games!

Get All Your Games In One Spot

I am not sure why I felt separating adult games and kid games was so important, my kids no even read yet. I am sure at one point it make some sort of sense but between the two areas it was never one designated for one. I decided to combine all of our games. Now there is no question to where the game is for game night or where it goes back when finished playing.


Purge Incomplete Games

How many times have you set down to play a game only to realize there are pieces missing? Stop wasting valuable storage space for games that can not be played anymore, so do a quick check and be sure all games are complete.

Stack Don’t Bury

My girls are visual players. If they don't see something they don't miss it. I kept our games in a bin stored in a closet. This meant it was always difficult to see what games we had and therefore they weren't being played as often. Relocating the games into a cabinet and stacking them I have notice is the better solution. Being able to see what you have increases the chances of the games actually getting pulled out and played. When you are stacking your games, be sure to put the spines facing out so they can be read easily.

Sort By Size

Rectangular boxes, squared boxes…why isn't there a standard game box size already. My original thought was to organize games by color, I found that I could utilize less space if I organized them by size. This helps your shelve to look and stay neat, but also retrieving a game from the bottom doesn't feel like you are playing Jenga.

Smaller Games

Smaller card style games like Skip Bo or Uno are terrible for stacking. Find a bin or basket that fits on one of your shelves and hold them all there.

Get Rid of Bad Boxes

Over time boxes get torn and start to just fall apart. Instead of hustling with the old box, repackage the game. I like to use these zipper bags, they come in all sizes. Put them in a container that fits on shelf with other games. Some like to put all games in bags, but I like I said earlier, my girls are visual players and they tend not to play with things they can not see.

Organizing board games will bring more order and you might feel more excited to pull a game out and play with the family.

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